February 19 - March 2, 2019  ||  Mutuo Barcelona

The Internet Of Animals Convention Barcelona 2019

Have you ever thought about your dog being connected to the internet? Or whales? Bees?
Will animals get connected like things (lamps, refrigerators, smoke detectors) and humans themselves?

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Have you ever thought about your dog being connected to the internet? Or whales? Bees?
Will humans connect animals like things (lamps, refrigerators, smoke detectors) and themselves?

This is the initial question for a unique event that will explore how animals will be connected, why it will be done and what it may look like.

Researchers, engineers, philosophers, artists, humans and animals come together in Barcelona in an unprecedented free open forum to explore a new spectacular twist of the digital revolution.

We will analyze the inevitable and present the first studies and prototypes of a bizarre future that is beginning to take shape in the very moment that you read this.

More than that, the event is an open platform for your concepts to plug in. See the open calls below.

agenda: exhibition, workshops, seminars


seminars, workshops, presentations

This module, like the art module, includes an open call, too. Plug in with your concept of workshops, presentations, interactive modules.


additions, changes, details: http://ioabcn.com

The program consists of an art exhibition (see below), an introduction workshop, several 'open (mini) hackathons' and several 'open think tanks'.
What is that?
- 'Open' means you can participate if you like, regardless of your backgrounds. We will dynamically adjust to the participating individuals.
- 'Hackathon' is a coming together to get to one or more new ideas, find a solution to a problem, or/and event implement it. A hackathon normally has the goal of creating a somehow functioning result. Here this would depend on the background of the participants, so that a result for us could be something technical, but as well could be ideas or other abstract things.
Hackathons are planned to begin every day at noon (12:00), but can be moved to 17:00 depending on the feedback before the event.
However by request it is possible to begin (or join) later, or otherwise move dates, times, length.
- 'Open think tank' here is a coming together to deeper reflect on the specific topics and concepts. There will be a short introduction to the topic (from project knowledge), from there it will be an open adventure.
The open think tanks will take place from 19-21 (on three or four days, see below).

Theme days:
- Communication: How can we technically communicate with animals (or animals with each other, particularly remote)? How can machines technically communicate with animals or its 'parts'? How can we communicate with animals from the aspect of communication itself (not the technical level)? 
- Hacking the animal: Hacking animals is happening on all fronts. Not only since CRISPR practically invites everybody to experiment with DNA. Adding sensors and senses to the animal is one way to the new cyborg world, completely replacing an animal in a competition against devices or robots, another.
- Artificial Intelligence: The latest buzz – AI is projected to revolutionize the human world. What it means, and what does it mean for animals?
- Data Science: 'Data is the oil of the early 21st century'. What does it mean for animals?
- Virtual reality: Our world is virtualized more and more. Will this be transferred to the world of animals?
- Your topic: There is space left to go to an all different direction!

Please contact us if you intend to come:

Dates and topics will be adjusted to the needs of attendants! So, if interested but the time does not fit, tell us, too.
It is still possible to attend without registering. However, registering helps to plan, prepare, adjust dates and times and communicate to you about it.
It is an experimental and dynamic event!
So, if not registered, please check on the website again for possible changes to the agenda!

suggested timetable:

Feb 19 (Tu)
installation, pre-talks, open forum

Feb 20 (We)
installation, pre-talks, open forum
19:00 The Internet Of Animals
Workshop. Introduction to the research project.

Feb 21 (Th)
open forum
19:00 Opening event of the art exhibition

Feb 22 (Fr) animal communication
12:00/17:00 open hackathon
Arduinos? Sensors? APIs to AI? There are a lot of tools that already exist. That might make it possible to build something out of the box to technically communicate with animals or realize communication between them. Existing ideas for a dog communication device could be the starting point if requested.
19:00 open think tank
How dogs can give each other orgasms over distance nowadays.
We will learn a bit about some of the research that is actually taking place. Then we can go into any direction. Like discuss motivations, understand dynamics, develop ideas. Not only for dogs.

Feb 23 (Sa) Hacking the animal
12:00 open hackathon
The hacked animal: Additional 'senses', devices, sensors. What ideas do we have, what do we expect interest groups to develop? What can be implemented even easily?
(no IOA evening program, Mutuo event instead, exhibition is open)

Feb 24/25 (Su/Mo)
a visit to the zoo maybe?

Feb 26 (Tu) Artificial intelligence and animals
12:00/17:00 open hackathon
Can we improve the life of animals with (data and) AI?
19:00 open think tank
After a quick intro what AI is and what it could mean to animals. Then we will explore from there. Developing new ideas, trying to identify new paradigms, or discussing ethical or philosophical questions. Depending on who is attending: We might even turn to the meta-level of concepts like 'artificial' and 'intelligence'. Do they inhibit our imagination and understanding of what is possible and what is already happening?

Feb 27 (We) Data science and animals
12:00 open hackathon
The value of data is huge in the animal world, too. Be it for profit or to help animals, data can be used. What is possible and can we realize some with accessible data?
(no IOA evening program, Mutuo event instead, exhibition is open)

Feb 28 (Th) Virtual reality and animals
12:00/17:00 open hackathon
Virtualization for animals: How can it make sense and how can it be implemented?
19:00 open think tank
Can we be artificially happy?
AI, data science, virtual reality.
Will there be artificially happy animals?
The workshop introduces to the topic of virtual reality at the example of the Wifi-chicken that lives its entire life in virtual reality while being in a bad factory farming situation.

Mar 1 (Fr) Virtual reality and animals
12:00/17:00 open hackathon
19:00 open topic

Mar 2 (Sa)
12:00 meet Ngoi Matsembe, the worlds first BITCOIN GENERATING SHEEP
Now what will happen when we start this...?
19:00 finishing

Feb 19 - Mar 2 (Tu-Sa)
Self-fulfilling prophecies
we will collect self-fulfilling prophecies with the visitors of the exhibition and attendees of the events and figure out to understand what they mean in the context of the Internet of Animals.
Added to the exhibition continuously.

the exhibition

Artists are continually invited to develop their visions on the topic (in the form of inspired artworks). Their enigmatic visions, formulated in their own language of representation, serve as access to a reflective and self-surprising discourse. Sometimes they even lead to concrete ideas and innovations.

The pieces for the exhibition come through a new open call for contributions from local (and international) artists. The process of the open call is experimental itself: The works are often unknown even to the project until the exhibition. They are a thought process inspired by the confrontation of the artists with the topic only two months before the opening, some of them realized just in time for the event. 

The exhibition is not only aimed at those interested in art, but also has intriguing questions for people interested in the topic (Internet of animals) with all its facets. For this purpose, the exhibition is continuously accompanied and contains some special elements.

Among the exhibiting artists:
Nathalie Rey
Pol Gorezje
Mariona Berenguer (Berlin)
Carles Guitart Esteve
Beatriz Chamussy
and some elements from the FUFF (Ifuz) collection.

the art exhibition:

Feb 19 – Mar 2   11:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00    
open Tuesday-Saturday (closed Sunday/Monday Feb 24/25)
opening event:  Feb 21, 19:00
Feb 19 is installation day, the exhibition might be under construction yet, with some artists present.
The exhibition will be continuously accompanied by a moderator (even when there is no program)  

specials: maker day? animal day? children day?

themes/special topics are woven into the program (see above).
You have something special on your mind that is missing.
There is still some flexibility and a wild card possible.

open calls


Open Calls

The concept of this 'convention' is an open platform/stage. Individuals or groups can plug in with their own concept or let themselves be inspired in a dialogue, exchange, or cooperation with FUFF. Be it an installation, a presentation, a workshop, even a whole sub-project.
The original open calls are now closed.
You still can plug in with your idea into the program, though!
In particular you are invited to build upon the suggested topics and formats of the convention agenda.

There is even space and time reserved for a whole new idea or a dynamic development.


Note: The project will exhibit again sooner or later in different forms.

Here is how the original MUTUO open call for artists looked like: there is a copy here

Location and Contact:

The event: 'The Internet Of Animals Convention Barcelona 2019'
date/time: Feb 19- Mar 2, 2019
address: Mendez Nuñez nº7, Bajos 1—2, 08003 Barcelona (ESP)

Open calls:

For artists open call applications please contact

For all other inquiries contact

- The Internet Of Animalsis a FUFF project, initiated by Ifuz and maintained with the help of many more. Very special thanks to Dirk Engel and his 'Zukunft der Medien' project!
- FUFF is an abstract experimental university platform, a complementary idea of research and studying, enabling you to experiment with new forms, new contents, and new goals of studying.
- is... (see website)
- Ifuz. I started experimental platforms like the Experimental Bureau and FUFF, and the 'Internet Of Animals' project at FUFF.
I continue to support this project. I think it is a great inspiration.

One of our guests has a twitter account: the Wifi-chicken! @wifichicken1 Give it a hug. It lives in virtual reality...