Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

In April, 1994, Kurt Cobain, songwriter and front man of the popular grunge band 'Nirvana', was found dead in a room above the garage of his house in Seattle. His death was officially ruled a suicide by shotgun wound.
Beyond the legend surrounding Cobain's life and music, and a remarkable merchandising campaign after his death that found Nirvana memorabilia in retailers as diverse as Urban Outfitters and H&M stores, the event has left us with an inevitable conspiracy theory that is desperately kept alive by its promoters. Similarly to other conspiracy theories (JFK, for example), it is built on contradictions within the "official" version, suggested motives and behavioral patterns of potential perpetrators, conflicting circumstantial evidence and the subsequent mysterious deaths of people who were in one way or another connected to Cobain or were involved in the investigation of his alleged suicide.

Thirteen years after Cobain's death, a fact-finding commission was formed at FUFF, not only to analyze the facts, circumstances, and theories surrounding the event, but also to explore more far-reaching questions through the use of both conventional and unconventional tools.
The investigation is ongoing. Information is researched, compiled, and inspected. Sources are systematically compared to analyze purported facts and to identify potential biases. Beyond the factual elements, the investigation also encompasses an examination of the events from the actual and metaphorical perspective of different domains, such as brain research, art, music, politics, fashion, commerce or cognition. The general pattern of a conspiracy theory represented by this case is also a potential starting point for an expedition into the comparison of other unrelated conspiracy theories and how they work.
A popular outgrowth of this investigation has been the start of a project that involves artists who themselves commit the metaphorical murder of a Kurt Cobain in their work, entitled "I Killed Kurt Cobain."
The "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" project has already attracted numerous participants from Berlin to San Diego, and the results of their work have been seen in several exhibitions throughout Germany. This is a continuing project and those who are interested can join at any time.