The Internet Of ... Animals(?)!

Have you ever thought of your dog being connected to the internet? How about birds? whales? bees?

If humans connect everything (themselves and things like lamps or refrigerators), will they start to connect animals to the internet as well, and how will it look like?

next event:

The Internet Of Animals Convention Barcelona 2019

exhibition, workshops, seminars

Feb 19 - Mar 2 2019, Mutuo Barcelona
Artists, scientists, researchers, engineers, philosophers, humans and animals explore, design, and reflect our new lives in mathematical states and chemical and electronic connections.

An art exhibition will show the visions of various artists on the subject - in the form of artworks inspired by the topic.

It will interact with other convention elements that will take place simultaneously.
Workshops and seminars will explore the possibilities and consequences of the idea, the drivers, the interest groups and the new paradigms. How it will be done, why it will be done and what it may look like. Not to forget the question if we want it.

The exhibition module: Artists are continually invited to develop their visions on the topic (in the form of inspired artworks). Their enigmatic visions, formulated in their own language of representation, serve as access to a reflective and self-surprising discourse. And they even lead to concrete ideas and innovations.

This exhibition is linked to a new open call for contributions from local artists and possible additions by international artists.

Information on the open call: please click on contact link at the top of the page.

The workshops/seminars/hackathons module:
This module, too, includes an open call to plug in with your concept of workshops, presentations, interactive modules.
It will blend with a program that builds on previous activities in the project: Workshops/seminars, that work as follows: A hypothesis is presented as an introduction to the topic. This can take the form of a conceptual metaphor describing technological change. Or it may be a bold or bizarre idea of how to connect a particular animal to the Internet. This is followed by a period in which we examine the idea with a special adaptation to the background of the participants.
Example topics of those workshops/seminars are: Can we be artificially happy?, How dogs now can give each other orgasms over distance., Improving the quality of life of the Wifi-chicken through data science.

Information on the workshops/presentations or the opportunity to get involved with your concept: please click on contact link at the top of the page.

However, you do not need to be at a particular event. You can contact, interact, be part at anytime and from anywhere!

If you want to know more or be part of this exciting adventure into the future please click on contact link at the top of the page.

This bold adventure started a few years ago and has been interactive in many ways, be it in workshops, exhibitions or even at maker fairs. It has realized results such as an award-winning design study (the Wifi Chicken), dogs that send emotions over the Internet, and other crazy(?) projects. Some strange, some scary, some beautiful, all fascinating. But the deeper we dive, the more we find a touch of inevitability, urgency and complex meaning also for humans.

The projects are non-commercial, so we cannot produce documentation at this time. Nevertheless, in recent years there have been a wealth of activities of great value to the participants.

You found and will find the project at individual exhibitions, workshops, and events (several in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Berlin), and events like Bended Realities Offenbach, Make Rhein Main, Webweek Rhein Main, maker faire Hannover, maker faire Barcelona,.
Much better: call or write to FUFF and we will find the best way how to connect with the project.