What is FUFF?

FUFF is a unique experiment in advanced study that is very different from the conventional concept of a university. It is completely free to all participants, and the studies are as expansive as the imaginations of the students. There are no boundaries, no restrictions.

The Free University is a nonprofit, open to everyone driven by a desire to expand their learning horizons, to go beyond conventional methods of thinking, research and experimentation, and to work in concert with others to achieve fresh and innovative results. The Free University is an ongoing dialogue with our lives. It is never finished.

The FUFF Model

FUFF is a university without classrooms or borders, without professors or examinations. There is one simple rule: Study groups explore various subjects by experimenting with forms and methods that are not possible within the structures of a conventional university. This model is not intended to replace the classical functions and objectives of traditional universities, but rather to complement and augment them by using different methods to achieve different results and often surprising insights.

Students are invited to form or join dynamic groups to study self-defined subjects, exploring and experimenting with new forms and tools, assisted by FUFF. This will enhance the innovative potential of the research to produce exciting new results and develop new forms of expression.

How FUFF Differs from Traditional Universities

The conventional university is bound by organizational structures and rules that they rely upon to define their purpose, organize students, prescribe curricula and adhere to narrowly-defined educational standards and objectives. Under this model, studying occupies a fixed place in a successive chain of education and exploitation between school and profession, whether viewed from the student's perspective (career) or from the economics perspective (human resources). The traditional university is designed to produce quantifiable results, but not necessarily a broad education.

In contrast, FUFF has no classrooms, no faculty, no examinations, no regulations and confers no degrees. FUFF has no limits.

  • A conventional university has buildings and classrooms. FUFF has dynamic forms of collaboration and interaction that are not bound by place and time, individually designed by and for people who are actually participating in a group project from any location and in any language.

  • A conventional university is structured according to strict curricula and course materials taught by instructors and professors to meet the needs of today's society. FUFF students design their own subjects and experiments to produce ideas that will shape the societies of tomorrow. In FUFF, instructors are also students, and students are also instructors.

  • A conventional university teaches by specialization and rote, where the student is a passive participant. FUFF is designed to bring students of diverse backgrounds, experience and perspectives together to become active participants in collective educational explorations of their own creation.

  • In a conventional university, the student is required to produce work according to a specified form and are often repetitive. When the work is completed, particularly at the undergraduate level, it usually disappears into archives, never to be seen again. At FUFF, we are dedicated to producing work that distinguishes itself by exploring new ideas and inventing new forms - work that will continue to evolve well beyond the university context and impact the future.

  • Above all, at FUFF we are dedicated to having fun.

How to Participate in FUFF

Just take a look at the projects listed on our website under "projects" and see if you'd like to get involved with one of them. Or create one of your own! Then simply click our "contact" link to send us an email or call us and - voila! - you're there. We'll take care of the rest.